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Alternative Flooring: Where Quality Meets Sustainability with a Touch of Craftsmanship

Discover the beauty of Alternative Flooring, a brand that cares deeply about the people and the planet. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship, sustainability and ethical production practices is woven into every carpet, rug, and runner they create.

Alternative Flooring

At Alternative Flooring, they understand that textile flooring is not just about functionality, but also about the art of design. Their products are meticulously crafted with expert craftsmanship and the latest manufacturing technology, resulting in a unique carpet-making process they call ‘manu-crafting’. This allows them to produce stunning carpets, rugs and runners that surprise and delight with their incredible colour, pattern and texture.

But it's not just about the end product, it's about the journey and the people involved in creating it. Alternative Flooring works with a community of independent minds and makers, from farmers and graders, to spinners and weavers, dyers, designers, manufacturers, and retailers. By doing so, they are not only creating beautiful carpets, but also supporting these local businesses and their communities.

As a brand, they are committed to ethical and sustainable production practices. Alternative Flooring believes that transparency is key, which is why they are open about the materials used in their products, and always aim to use ethically-sourced natural fibres. They are also aware that sometimes synthetic fabrics are the only practical option, but with their timeless designs and exceptional production quality, their carpets are built to last, minimizing the need for wasteful replacements.

At Alternative Flooring, sustainability goes beyond the products they create. They promote the well-being of everyone involved in manu-crafting their products, from their in-house team to the independent makers they collaborate with. This creates a positive impact on the planet and its people.

To experience the beauty of Alternative Flooring, visit one of their retailers such as Modeco Interiors. With their professional installation services, you can trust that your new flooring will be expertly fitted, bringing the beauty of nature into your home with every step. Browse their wide range of products and let Alternative Flooring transform your space into a unique and stunning work of art.

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