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Enhance Your Invictus Maximus and Primus Flooring with Luxury Vinyl Flooring Accessories

Updated: May 13, 2023

Invictus Maximus and Primus luxury vinyl flooring are renowned for their durability, performance, and stunning designs. But did you know that Invictus also offers a range of flooring accessories to complete your flooring project? From matching scotias to feature strips and The Starter Pack, these accessories are designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your Invictus luxury vinyl floor.

Maximus and Primus

Matching Scotias for a Seamless Finish

Invictus takes attention to detail seriously, and their matching scotias are a testament to that. Made with the same luxury vinyl flooring material as used for the planks and tiles, these scotias ensure a perfect colour match for your flooring. Not only do they cover the necessary expansion gap, but they also add an elegant finishing touch, resulting in a seamless and polished look for your flooring project.

Elevate Your Flooring Design with Feature Strips

Invictus luxury vinyl flooring also offers optional feature strips that allow you to customize your floor design to your liking. Choose tone-on-tone feature strips to add a subtle and sophisticated touch to the floor pattern, creating a cohesive look. Or go bold with contrasting feature strips for an eye-catching effect that will make your flooring stand out. Whether you prefer a wood or stone design, these feature strips can elevate your flooring design to the next level, making your Invictus luxury vinyl floor truly unique.

Easy Maintenance with The Starter Pack

Keeping your Invictus luxury vinyl floor in mint condition is easy with The Starter Pack. This small box contains everything you need to ensure the long-lasting beauty of your flooring. From cleaning and maintenance products to useful tips and guidelines, The Starter Pack provides you with the tools and knowledge to properly care for your flooring and protect it from daily wear and tear. With The Starter Pack, you can enjoy the beauty of your Invictus luxury vinyl floor for years to come.

In conclusion, Invictus Maximus and Primus luxury vinyl flooring are not just about exceptional quality and design, but also about providing complete flooring solutions with their range of accessories. From matching scotias for a seamless finish, to feature strips for customized designs, and The Starter Pack for easy maintenance, Invictus has you covered. Elevate your flooring project with Invictus luxury vinyl flooring accessories and enjoy a stunning and long-lasting floor that will enhance the beauty of your space. For more information about these accessories, visit the Invictus website or contact your local Invictus dealer.

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